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See the candidates speak- in their own words

I'm posting a link to the SPNN video of the forum held by the League of Women Voters on September 28th, as it's a great way to see where all of the candidates in Ward One stand. I've been told by several people who were there that day that I was the only one on the stage who actually answer the questions.

I was really glad to hear that. It's too easy for candidates to speak in glittering generalities and never actually answer questions. It's easy to be vague and pleasant enough so that people just assume that the candidate agrees with their positions, without ever saying that very thing.

I'll be honest and as thorough as I can be when I'm asked a question. You might end up fidgeting and checking your watch if it's a really good question, because I might talk for longer than anyone wants to listen. I find public policy really interesting, and when people say all politics are local- it doesn't get any more local than neighborhood politics. I hope you'll spend a little time and watch this video, as it will tell you more than all of the pamphlets and lawn signs combined.

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